We can deliver units, parts,

and chemicals for free up to 150 miles.


Units can be rented for daily or weekly use, dependent on wants.


All trailer mounts are custom built to your specific needs.


We offer in house servicing along with making field calls.


We pride ourselves on providing customer service the West Texas way. That's why we always offer free delivery in our shop's home city, Lubbock, Texas. 

For items totaling in $10,000 or more, we will travel up to 150 miles on our own dollar to make sure your purchase makes it safely to you. After that, we only charge a small fee per mile.

We can also ship, but costs may be high due to the weight of our products. Call us anytime with shipping and delivery questions.

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We understand there are circumstances where you only need a machine for a temporary amount of time. We offer pressure washer rentals, including custom built trailer mounts. We also rent out our radiant heaters, which can come in handy for the colder months or keeping guests warm at events. 

Call us anytime for information about rentals.



There is no job too big- we'll build something to handle it. Every detail is chosen based on what you need: the trailer size, machine brand and engine, and hose length are all dependent on you and your work. Trailer mounted pressure washers can be bought or rented. Call us anytime with questions.

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It can be frustrating when machines and accessories break. To make things easier on you, we service units wherever you prefer. If you're nearby, bring us your machine and we will get to work on it in our shop. If not, we will travel to you and get your unit working right. We service all OEM parts on the brands we sell. Call us anytime for more information about our servicing.